Interested in having your child join the group? Here are some frequently asked questions:


    • How do I register my child?
      • The American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans offers a 4-week trial period for all interested members. This means that your first month is completely free and gives you the chance to trial-run the group with your child.  This takes place in September of each year.
    • What requirements does my child need to join?
      • The child has to be at least 4 years of age.  The child and one parent must also be members of the Croatian Fraternal Union (CFU).  The group can help you and your child register to become members of the CFU.
    • What are the days and hours of the practice lessons?
      • We practice every Wednesday.   Practice goes from 6:30-8:30 PM for each group level (Beginners, Intermediates, and Seniors).  Practices start in September and end after the CFU Festival in July.
    • What is the cost associated with being part of the group?
      • The cost is determined by the number of active children in the group.  The monthly breakdown is as follows:
      •      1 child-$40 a month
      •      2 children-$80 a month
      •      3 children-$110 a month
      •      4 children-$140 a month
      •      5 children-$160 a month
    • How often do we perform?
      • Each year, we are invited to different performances, so the number varies.  It is guaranteed that every member will be able to perform at two events, our Annual Concert (June) and the Annual CFU Festival (July).
    • Do we travel out-of-state for performances?
      • Yes! The one event for every member which can be out-of-state is the Annual CFU Festival.  All other out-of-state events are most likely only for performances done by the Seniors, but occasionally Beginners and Intermediates are invited as well.
    • Are there any mandatory parent-involved events?
      • Yes!  Every family needs to volunteer at least 35 hours a year.  There are a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, which every family can volunteer.  We also have a parent meeting the first Wednesday of every month to update everyone on the upcoming events.


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