4 girls in croatian dance costumeThe American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans trace their origins to “Slavulj” or “The Nightingales” a performing arts ensemble founded by Joseph Gregorincich. Slavulj offered a diverse theatrical repertoire of plays, operetta, musical concerts, and dance recitals in the tri state area from 1937-1951. Slavulj alumni reorganized in 1957 to form the American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans. AZJT was one of five tamburitza groups in the United States to form the Croatian Fraternal Union Junior Cultural Federation in 1966.

Annual AZJT concerts highlight Croatia’s regional diversity in music, song, ornate nosnje (costumes), and kolo (dances): Zagorje, Bosnia, Hercegovina, Dalmatia, Istria, & Slavonia. AZJT has attended annual CFU Festivals throughout the United States, Canada, and Croatia.

Through the years, hundreds of children and young people have enjoyed learning traditional Croatian music, songs and dances.

Preserving Croatian Tradition

Engaging youth in Celebrating, Performing & Preserving their Culture

Interesting AZJT facts

  • Hosted the CFU Festival in  Cleveland four times.
  • Performed at the CFU Festival in Croatia seven times.
  • Numerous alumni have been scholarship recipients of Duquesne University’s highly acclaimed Tamburitzans.