Deborah Jennings Faraguna Choreographer American Zagreb Junior Deborah Jennings Faraguna - Choreographer

Debbie has been teaching AZJT for the past twenty eight years. She was a thirteen year member of AZJT where she danced and played prim. Debbie also studied folk dancing and ballet for several years. She performed professionally with The Csardas Dance Company in Cleveland, Ohio and was a member of Ensemble KUMOVI in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Debbie is currently the choreographer for Zelena Polja Ensemble in Cleveland and is a member of Ensemble Ljeljo in Pittsburgh. She works in sales at Sysco Cleveland. Debbie and her family reside in Novelty, Ohio.

Helena Instructor for Croatian Dance troup in Ohio Helena Ladd- Music Director

Music Director Helena has been teaching AZJT for the past five years. Prior to, she was a member of junior tamburitzan groups for twenty years through which she had learned and taken a passion in prim, brac, celo, song, and dance. Helena also plays the violin and participates in Zelena Polja and Zumbercani of Cleveland, Ohio and Selo of Columbus, Ohio. She was chosen as the recipient of the 2022 Lou Cavic Founder’s Award presented by the Tamburitza Association of America. Helena resides in Youngstown, Ohio where she is a clinical pharmacy coordinator and specialist at Mercy Health Youngstown.

Sandy Kauzlaric instructor for America Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans Sandy Eler Kauzlaric - Assistant Dance Instructor

Sandy has been the Assistant Dance Instructor for the beginner group for over twenty years. She was a member of the group herself for twelve years prior where she enjoyed playing prim, dancing, and singing. She enjoys watching her 3 sons on stage performing. Sandy works as a dental hygienist in Willoughby Hills for Dr. Margaret Howell

Lindsay Kosinski from Duquesne University Tamburtizans. Lindsay Kosinski – Assistant Dance & Vocal Instructor

Lindsay is our assistant dance and vocal instructor. She was a thirteen year member of the AZJT where she danced, sang, and played the prim. Lindsay also was a member of the Duquesne University Tamburtizans. Currently Lindsay performs with two adult groups Zelenja Polja in Cleveland and Ensemble Ljeljo in Pittsburgh. Lindsay works as School Guidance Counselor. She resides with her family in Mentor. Ohio.

Gabriella Moissis instructor for Croatian Dance Company Gabriella Moissis - Assistant Music Director

Gabriella was a member of AZJT for 13 years where she sang, played prim, and danced. Gabriella was also a member of The Tamburitzans while attending college at Duquesne University where she obtained her nursing degree. Gabriella is also a member of Folklore Ensemble Ljeljo of Pittsburgh. Gabriella lives with her family in Novelty, Ohio. She currently works as a hematology/oncology infusion nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, and is studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Marija Jamsek instructor for Croatian Dance Company Marija Jamsek - Vocal Instructor

Marija was born in Croatia and was a member of KUD “Ljudevit Gaj” Mace where she performed Croatian folk songs and dances. Marija is our Vocal Instructor with AZJT." Marija was born in Croatia and was a member of KUD “Ljudevit Gaj” Mače where she performed Croatian folk songs and dances as a young girl. This is her eighteenth year as Vocal Instructor with AZJT. Marija is happy to share her knowledge of the Croatian language and songs with the group every year. Her children Izabela, Marko, and Katarina share her love of Croatian culture and are past members of AZJT.